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image: Instagram @fionabrattle

When at Glastonbury, or any other festival, piling on the golden, silvery jewels can be impractical and risky. There’s the mud destroying their impeccable gleam and the probability of them being broken or lost when you’re dancing and going wild. You feel you should leave them in the safety of your home but you don’t want them to miss out on the radiant festival atmosphere… Don’t despair, your solution is these temporary tattoos, as seen on model Fiona Brattle. Flash Tattoos are basically jewellery but without the preciousness and ability to slip off your wrists and fingers. Ingenious.

On the menu for SS15: Underwear as outerwear


An equally juicy colour peeking out from neon like an appetising popsicle or a classic white underneath a subdued skin tone as though the underwear is the centre of attention. With this in mind, guys, will you be wearing a pair of extra long mesh boxers underneath your shorts next summer?

Like strawberries and cream

Crisp whites, tradition, garden party meets athleticism… Don’t you just love this time of the year? Whether picnicking on Henman Hill/ Murray Mound, wondering to and fro the outside courts or sitting amidst a rain shower or two, here are some sartorial ideas to get you Wimbledon ready.