modern vampires of the city

The obligatory ‘modern vampires of the city’ appreciation post is here. It’s a week later than initially planned but, after writing a sweet message on their website apologising for the delay in their release date, I forgive them. If you’re fighting through exam month at the moment, I understand your pain. My brain is on the verge of exploding with the excessive amount of quotes and theories currently being stored and anxiety levels are at a record high. I thought there would be no way to ease this affliction. I thought I would have to trek dismally through the next few weeks with only thoughts of the freedom of summer keeping me motivated.

Until now.

I currently have Vampire Weekend’s third album playing role as my right hand man and I couldn’t be happier. Determination is key and that’s exactly what emotion takes over when listening to songs such as Worship You and Ya Hey (above); There’s songs for reassuring and dreamy thoughts: Step and Don’t Lie; There are songs for when it’s all over and you feel the need to jump hyper-actively about in pure elation (Diane Young and Finger Back); And there’s a song for just appreciating the sound of Ezra Koenig and the fact Vampire Weekend are back with new material: Unbelievers.

If you’d like your copy, click here 😀




  1. Seeing these guys with Mumford and Sons this Summer, I actually don’t know many of their songs other than the biggest ones so this is useful for me!


    • ahh I’m so jealous! Is that the one with Ben Howard and Haim too? it’s like the most perfect combination ever and I really wish I was going 😦 Hope you have a great time!

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