holiday shopping made easy

Guess what, everyone. My exams are over and school has finished forever! It’s kind of weird to think that this moment in my life has arrived as it doesn’t feel that long ago when I was leaving primary school and couldn’t even imagine the prospect of finishing sixth form because it seemed so far away. Doesn’t time fly? Anyway, it’s basically the start of my summer holidays and, for many, that means pondering over what to wear when taking a trip to a sun and sea-filled destination. If this applies to you, you need not ponder any further because has got it all sorted for you.

Skip along to their Matches Spy section and discover that perfect swimsuit (note: athletic and minimalist is the way forward)

And Tiare Hawaii (see previous post) is not the only brand to present us with ‘light, bright and perfectly packable’ cover-ups. I am particularly liking these numbers from Juliet Dunn, Missoni Mare and Vix which are perfect for slipping on before heading to a smoothie bar for a post-swim cool down.

You can also find out why block heels are the go-to choice of footwear…

…and why go for a plain, mundane bikini when there are so many wonderful prints to feast your eyes upon?

Now who said packing for the beach was difficult?


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