which colour are you?

Admittedly, I am flat shoe kind of girl. I’m much more likely to get excitable over a stylish pair of sneakers or quirky brogues than I am over skyscraper-high heels that 99% of women can’t even walk in. I’m somebody who likes comfort when they walk, who enjoys occasionally rushing about rather than having to be conscious and careful with every step in fear of falling.

If there’s one style of shoe which has to be given the label ‘cool’ because there is no other word to describe it and, despite being smaller, can intimidate a pair of heels with it’s edginess and don’t-mess-with-me attitude then it’s the Natalie and Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice jett boots. Slip your feet into a pair as you take casual trips across city pavements or as you trek across a worn-down grassy field with the sound of an energetic guitar band playing on a near by stage. But with a rainbow of colours to choose from, the question is which pair? (because not everybody has 2600 dollars to spare- the total cost of all eight)

What does Yummy Like Cake think? Definitely the bright green which, partnered with the extremely lust-worthy Rag and Bone biker, would make the perfect couple. (Or end up looking slightly Shrek- like. I guess it depends how much green one can take)…

…oh but then there’s THESE. I am a complete sucker for bright blues/ turquoise so I’m sure you can only imagine the levels of affection felt as soon as my eyes met the picture on my laptop screen. Yeah, the laptop screen. The closest I’m sure I’ll get to such perfect boots.



  1. I love these boots by Natalie Off Duty blogger! She is so edgy and fun and super gorgeous! Love love love her designer boots!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

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