an evening with Josh Groban

When Josh Groban sings, the gates to heaven are opened up. When he speaks, laughs are projected and smiles never fail to appear. When eyes catch sight of him, hearts melts. To me he is perfection. That is all.

London’s o2 Arena seemed a rightful destination for Josh’s return to the city. His powerful vocals suited the largeness of the venue but at the same time he has the gift to create a pleasant intimacy as though all of those that were there and him were good friends casually having a regular catch up on a late Friday evening. Can every Friday evening be like this? 

Not only can he sing, play the piano and rock out on the drums but he is also incredibly entertaining and the personal highlight was by far having my question read out and answered in the short Q and A session. Have you ever wondered what Stewie Griffin and Elmo would sound like in conversation? Well wonder no more as below is your answer. (I am sorry the picture quality in this video is not very good but I guess it’s the sound that really matters)

And here is ‘Happy In My Heartache’, performed after he expressed his kind-of desperation for wanting a girlfriend. Aww, I’ll be your girlfriend, Josh…



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