An afternoon in Brighton

Sunglasses: Free with the latest issue of Tatler
Necklace: Handmade
Bag: Ebay

I do ♥ Brighton. There’s a charming quality to it which means it’s always a pleasure to wonder around. The streets, rather than being bombarded with tacky touristy shops, are filled with cute cafes and small restaurants, boutique shops and enticing jewellery stores. There’s even a beach volleyball venue which is a total bonus.

My brother and I decided to take a short trip to the seaside town during our Sunday yesterday and, although greeted by a light drizzle of rain descending from the uninviting dull sky, we didn’t let it put us off what we set out to do. After picking up a freshly made chai latte from Taylor Street Baristas (and a coffee for my brother), we took to a spot of crazy golf along the seafront which I obviously won. (Four hole in ones, baby. Watch out, Rory McIlroy, there’s a new Brit with incredible talent flourishing as I type)

Afterwards we took some time to hang out with the pebbles. I was hoping the summery, seaside mood of my accessories would encourage the weather to change for us and thankfully, while sat indulging in afternoon tea outside one of the many cafes, it did. So that’s why we couldn’t end our trip without a traditional ice cream whilst overlooking the sea.

Francesca xo


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