London Collections: Men

Move over women because this week has been all about the men. The London Collections returned to showcase what’s install for the Spring and Summer of 2014 and, of course, it had to begin in London because when it comes to finding the right suit this is the city to turn to. In the words of Boris Johnson, ‘London is to the suit, as Parma is to the Parmesan cheese’ and who could argue with Boris?

So other than the obvious, what else were we presented with?

Well, prettiness. And quite a bit of it.

The idea of women dressing in masculine-style clothes is considered perfectly acceptable. Nobody would look twice. Masculine-style clothes are fashionable. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shirts, boyfriend coats, boyfriend beanies…what other sartorial items have you stolen from your boyfriend? But if a male wants to wear female-style clothing, well that’s a WHOLE different story. He must be guy. Confused about his gender. Just a bit weird.
It’s about time more people stopped being so naive and learn to appreciate one’s choice of clothing. Whether it’s male or female is purely stereotypical and how it’s made should really define the gender who wear it. I think this point can be proven through some of the Spring 2014 collections. I would totally wear a Christopher Shannon floral biker jacket and Topman Design flower-detailed shirt (which is reminiscent of that Isabel Marant western shirt) if it wasn’t for the fact they are like ten sizes too big for me.

Christopher Kane has created a storm of sciency, wiry prints. Mesmerizing  and bold, capturing attention like bolts of lightning dancing in the black of the night’s sky. The faces seamlessly formed in the center of sweaters and t-shirts stare at you with little emotion. This is not a collection you want to criticize.  I suggest you appreciate it’s beauty- the beauty of Christopher’s work- or else who knows what danger you could get into.

And then there’s Burberry Prorsum: Happy, jolly and full of character. Being a quintessentially British brand, it’s only natural for Christopher Bailey to take inspiration from all that’s British and this time it was David Hockney with the inspiration being evident in the use of vibrant primary colours and the accessorising of thick-rimmed glasses. 

But if you’re looking to explore beyond the wonders of England. Perhaps wanting to gather basic belongings and go backpacking in new destinations  or immerse yourself in towering greenery away from civilisation, the khaki pallet of Christopher Raeburn could come in handy or the map prints of KTZ.

Highlights from the London Collections also include Katie Eary’s burning, bright orange and pinks. I don’t know about you but I really hope the whole skater dudes in leopard print thing catches on…


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