Hmm, ‘festival fashion.’ What I would wear to a festival is what I would wear on a daily basis (including wellies). The boho, hippy, grunge combination should not just be kept for a three day weekend, it should be worn whenever, wherever. But it is the little things that make dressing for a festival that little bit more exciting- That freedom you have and the acceptance that is received from looking crazy. It’s about intensifying minor items and turning an outfit into something more outrageous because nobody is going to look twice at you. Here, it’s all in the shades.

Take exhibit A. Wear a printed top (AX Paris) with a statement necklace (Vanessa Arizaga), a pair of denim shorts (Topshop) and a jacket for warmth if needed (MaxMara ‘s Max), then accessorize with the ‘Lizzy’ sunglasses by A-Morir and you are set to go. The eyewear line, as created by designer Kerin Rose Weinberg, is centred around eccentricity and an artistic finish. Sure, they may be out of the price zone of your average festival-goer but the brand is an ideal source of inspiration for when wanting to liven up an outfit. I mean, a headdress blended with skull-adorned eyewear? Not only does it look amazing and meet the rocky/folksy style perfectly but it’s also incredibly practical as you don’t have  to worry about the feathers falling off your head when jumping and dancing about.

Going back to Glastonbury’s routes and it’s only appropriate to embrace hippy life. The best way to do so? These Yoko sunglasses. Worn with this Talitha jacket, Warehouse dress and a floppy hat, the outfit’s dreaminess is well suited for a perhaps more delicate final day and pleasing evening in front of Sunday’s headliners, Mumford and Sons.

 Heart-shaped sunglasses have been given a sumptuous makeover with Donna, embellished with metal floral detail.  Paired here with a Flash Trash Girl crown, leather shorts (Helmut Lang), lace top (Dahlia), Patricia Nicolas necklace (Named ‘Wild Horses’- see The Rolling Stones link there?) and Thu Thu jacket for a comfortable but attractive appearance. Oh and wellies (Ilse Jacobsen) that look like Dr Martens? Hell yes. 

But for me this weekend, it’s all about the pajamas as I don’t have a ticket and  I won’t be amidst the fun and frolics of Worthy Farm. * insert sad face * 



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