With a little help from their friends

Oh Mumford and Sons, who would have thought your delicate folksy sounds would have the intensity to reign 900 acres of land? They may not have the rockstar presence of The Rolling Stones but they do have a presence that’s engaging and endearing. Whilst snuggled up on my sofa with a blanket and peaceful mindset, I allowed their headlining Glastonbury set direct me away from reality and into the wonderful world of my imagination.

The congregation of smiling faces and constant singing-along was repaid with endless gratitude from Ben, Marcus and co and affection for being on the landmark Pyramid Stage (Ted underwent brain surgery for a Blood Clot only a few weeks ago), making it all the more sweeter. But the sweetest moment was perhaps their concluding song, a cover of The Beatles’ ‘With A Little Help From My Friends,’ purely because they brought on my favourite bands to join them. The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend, First Aid Kit and The Staves…can I not just join that group of friends please?  Maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t there as it meant I got the perfect sight of Freddie Cowan’s adorable grinning and Ezra Koenig’s saxophone playing, which you too can see it by watching the video above. 



  1. I watched them on TV too, they are so incredible live! I’m lucky enough to be seeing them with Vampire Weekend this Saturday, so so excited.


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