Christopher Kane Resort 2014

Lace is renowned for being delicate, pretty and feminine. Whether she’s still beautifying an old dress of your grandma’s or hanging, waiting with anticipation to be purchased in the bustle of Topshop, lace has a timeless allure. But she can also be mysterious, gothic and rebellious. She has a quality of darkness to her as she tightly rests around one’s neck in the form of a choker or is stretched along arms in the form of gloves. But now she’s also exciting. She’s clever, fascinating and creative. 

Once again Christopher Kane has revamped an everyday medium into something innovative. First camouflage, now lace, oh Christopher how you never fail to disappoint. Furthermore, he has broadened a previous idea and taken it that one step further. Those wiry prints from his menswear collection have now become somewhat 3d (hence the lace), making the garments all the more compelling. And this, people, is only half of it. Don’t even get me started on the yellow shirt dress and sweater. ♥♥♥



  1. Love the take on Lace the collection looks gorgeous, especially the flower on the neck of the dress! Thank you for my comment lovely x

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