vanilla and kiwifruit cupcakes

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave. (And by ‘heatwave’ I mean summer has finally come to say ‘hi’ but these abnormally high temperatures drive the nation into a state of craziness) Times like these are made for heaps of ice cream but being a cupcake lover it only seems fair to let the mini cakes have their share of the weather too. That’s why I decided to combine the summery flavours of vanilla and kiwifruit. I used a basic cupcake recipe and added vanilla essence and chopped up kiwifruit to the mixture. Once in their cases, I added sliced kiwifruit on top. Like with the strawberry and cream ones, these are best eaten in the sunshine 🙂




  1. I love the idea of adding vanilla essence and the chopped kiwi, my favorite fruit!!
    ~and I love how you call them mini cakes!! Yes, with the heat, just a tiny cake will do!!

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