Melody Calling

Well hey there Vaccines, I wasn’t expecting you. Bias I may be but nobody can deny that when a band or musician continuously develop and expand their sound, away from the same thing over and over again (and the outcome is successful), they are talented. The first album was straight to the point, energetic and intended for jumping about and singing along at the top of your voice. The second album was perhaps more progressed with focus drawn to guitar riffs, tuneful melodies and less strenuous vocals. And now there’s the new single ‘Melody Calling’, taken from a four-track ep to be released on the 12th of August. It’s laid back and serene. It’s like no effort has been put into it, it’s just their natural proficiency taking control. It also sounds a bit Strokesy, which is no way a bad thing.

I also can’t help but wonder, does this slight change in sound mean another change in appearance? If so, please Justin please, revert back to the Justin of early 2011. Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, grazie mille. 


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