C’est moi!

Despite myself finding it becoming a fairly tiresome accessory, when I discovered some cheap packs of pale pink and cream artificial flowers whilst in the craft section of The Range, I couldn’t resist but transform them into a headband. It’s a bit difficult to tell but I did half one colour and half the other. I’m glad I noticed them and gave in to the temptation because their delicate hues are perfect for making a summery outfit prettier. I’m wearing it with a floral skirt which I finished making a few weeks ago using old Liberty print fabric which was buried in a box in my mum’s bedroom and I decided to wear a loose tee over the top just to give it a more casual appearance. The ice cream necklace is also handmade.

SO WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING IN MY LIFE RECENTLY? Well, devastatingly, my rabbit Seb passed away the other day.  Given that he was in the house twenty four hours a day, it now feels incredibly lonely without him. I am going to miss our Tuesday night cuddles whilst watching ‘New Girl’, the way he was always eating, the mischief he would cause whilst hopping around the hall, the way he chucked things about with his teeth when annoyed, and the way he yawned. Ahh the way he yawned! It was literally the cutest thing. However, for the seven years he was alive, I do believe he lived a well loved and hopefully happy life. I’ll miss you, Sebby!

Francesca xo



  1. Sorry to hear about your rabbit 😦
    I am finding the flower crowns/headbands so tiresome too! I made one last year but never wore it which I now regret because I’m now put off because they are literally everywhere! A pretty predictable festival accessory too.. but yours looks cute I prefer them slightly smaller rather than the huge ones that seem to be more popular
    x Hayley-Eszti

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