Tara Stiles X Wool And The Gang

I speak on behalf of many when I say that Tara Stiles is an inspiration. Despite knowing I will never be as flexible or have the long, luring limbs that Tara does, I still find myself continuously following her Yoga routines because the healthy lifestyle she lives and promotes is too flawless to ignore. She is easily the coolest yogi around, made more so by her nonchalant persona and relaxed, husky (dare I say sexy) voice. She also loves to knit with her handmade hats a staple during the nippy NYC months when that lustrous flowing hair of her’s is not enough to keep warm. Thankfully, now we can all dress in fetching Tara knitwear but it’s gone one step further than a basic beanie…

If the conceptions of knitted clothing are still mainly that of grannywear or thick and cosy a la Sibling then Wool And The Gang put an end to these ideas. (Point proven with this Sweety Gigi bra) Their youthful, laid back garments mean a Tara Stiles and Wool And The Gang collaboration was made to be. See vibrant t-shirts perfect for slipping on after a hardcore workout and shorts that most definitely make a refreshing change to denim.

The Tara Stiles X WATG collection is available here.



One comment

  1. Hey, love, I am so so sorry to hear about your darling little rabbit passing away. The way you described his antics and adorable yawn tells me how much you love and miss him.
    Loving yoga, too, when I have time to do a class with my mom~so so good for you; and these knits are perfect for feeling cozy after a session.

    Love and kisses,
    Lauren at adorn la femme

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