la robe rouge

Snorers: The devils of nighttime, the bane of the light sleeper.
As I write this (but not as I publish it as I’m now back at home) , it’s half three in the morning and my inability to sleep is both vexing and wearisome.
No pillow over my head will subdue the sound of the intense rumbles coming from my mother’s mouth, nor will tightly closing my eyes in hope that I can force sleep upon me.

We are stopping at my sister’s this weekend which is why we are sharing a room. Yesterday (Saturday), my mum, sister and me went to Guildford- a peaceful market town in Surrey with a cobbled High Street and side streets full of boutiques and cute stores. Afterwards, it was back into Reigate where we stopped for a cup of tea in a dreamy vintage-style cafe. It was here my love affair with chocolate flake tea began. Have you ever tried this incredible creation by Teapigs? If not, I couldn’t recommend it more!

The dress I am wearing in the photos above was one I finished making just the other day. It’s the first dress I have ever made which is why I chose a basic 60’s-style dress pattern. I do love an occasional bold, contrasting colour combo and I’m always loving a peter pan collar so went for red with a touch of blue. Next on the list: la chemise blanche!

Francesca xo



  1. Love this! You made it? Def following your blog, follow me for awesome fashion and deals. I was recently asked to be a blogger on so check me out on there as well under “Chloe’s cravings”! Great post!

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