feel good meal plan.

Nobody likes that feeling when their body becomes stodgy and lethargic. You’ve spent the past day(s) making an exception in your diet and now you feel the consequences.  All you want to do is stray away from food until your insides feel fresh again, perhaps munching on the odd carrot and stick of celery to prevent starving.  It doesn’t have to be this way though. For myself, these following simple meals have me replenished in no time. In fact, by the end of lunch, it’s as though I had never felt differently.

There’s nothing more refreshing than commencing the day with a bowl of fresh fruit and, packed full of vitamins and goodness, surely this is the most obvious way to feel healthy again. Here you can see strawberries, blueberries, grapes and kiwi fruit. A Twinings green tea always prepares me for the day ahead too with one of my favourites being Apple and Pear…

I pretty much love anything containing peanut butter and I consider almond butter to be a lighter alternative. A tasty way to serve it is on Ryvitas, topped with banana and apple. This was enjoyed after a yogurt (Activia. Their summer flavours are delicious) and before a cold bottle of coconut water- The most delicious way to feel hydrated…

After coming across this egg, kale and pinenut medley on Pinterest a while ago, it has pretty much become a weekly thing. To make it all you need to do is combine scrambled egg, stir fried buttered kale and toasted pine nuts and place on a plate with whatever. On this occasion, there’s green beans, peas, soya beans and new potatoes. With the colour green having connotations of wellbeing and renewal, this meal couldn’t be more fitting for concluding your day of revitalisation. 



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