Girl crushin’

Eliza Sophie Caird knows how to rock a pair of sneakers. So much so that if you’re ever in doubt about how to coordinate them with an outfit, she’s got it figured out. A splash of vibrant purple up above calls for fluorescent pink sneakers, just like a splash of bright pink complements purple Nikes. A yellow jacket obviously means a yellow pair and when dressing like a sunset in light orange and yellow then peachy ones are obligatory. A light blue and pink printed top worn with vintage Levis is an easy match if you have pink socks and a lilac pair. And for pretty patterned dresses? Liberty Nikes, of course. 

With Eliza Doolittle’s new single ‘Big When I Was Little’ currently circulating my brain each day, it only seems appropriate to pay homage to that effortless style of hers (complete with inaccurate drawing)  which is just as catchy as the music.

Nike; Office; Karl Lagerfeld


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