coffee, anyone?

Will is lost in life. He’s a thirty-something website manager who spends each day working from his local coffee shop because being  surrounded by the bustle of people coming in and out makes him feel a part of the world. At home he has to deal with the company of his dead flat mate’s spirit and at Coffee Town (his adopted office) there’s the aggravating remarks and constant teasing from discontented barista, Sam. He also has his eyes on Becca, the attractive young woman who regularly visits post gym. But, as the news about the coffee place being converted into a bar stabs him insensitively in the heart, Will is worried he will lose his office and love of his life forever. So will he be able to put things right with the help of his two best friends- an irresponsible policeman and…um dopey guy- or will it end in a lonely disaster?

I am no film expert. In fact, name a film and the chances are I probably haven’t seen it. So with that in mind, why should my opinion be trusted? Well it does involve Josh Groban making another acting appearance (worrying, once again as a douchebag disliked by the other characters) and Jake Johnson, a.k.a. Nick Miller off of ‘New Girl’. OK so the latter may only be brief and he may be dead but that, alongside a grande size helping of J-Gro is worthy of a place on Yummy Like Cake.

Coffee Town is not out in cinemas but you can buy or rent your copy from itunes now.


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  1. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I love it!!!
    Tou have such an amazing style,love your look!!
    I will be visiting you usually from now on and of course
    I am your new follower!!
    Hope you can check my blog and follow me:)
    love & keep in touch

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