the GW, Movado style.

The gold watch is the ultimate accessory for adding elegance to an outfit. Rich in luxury and appeal, it’s a strip of magic that many get away with splurging hundreds/ thousands of pounds on just because of the excuse of needing to know the time. And why be fashionably late when you can be fashionably on time? With many items people buy, their time of being ‘en vogue’ runs out but, with the gold watch, it’s welcome forever. Ultimately though, it just looks really good. It adds glamour to something as basic as the jeans, blazer, loose t combo, or the Little Black Dress for sophisticated evenings out. 

Being born in a country that is superior in watch-making, Swiss brand Movado knows all too well how to create a desirable gold watch. The Miri one above is not garish and arrogant; It’s subtle and quietly impressive and could easily be mistaken for a bracelet. It’s classy but with a modern touch.  It also goes incredibly go with the more-than-amazing Celine gold-plated broguesSWOON.

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