another walk on the wild side

This Fall is about not keeping your inner animal trapped inside a cage of insecurity and instead embracing your wild side. Stand tall and superior in giraffe print sneakers from Mulberry and Topshop sunglasses; Let your mascot be the toughest of creatures with a Kenneth Jane Lane  tiger cuff; Make every hour fierce o’clock in an animal print watch by Sara Designs; Pay homage to the ever adored zebra (or, as I like to see it, the zonkey) print thanks to Isabel Marant or just keep things simple in an Accessorize bangle. They may not be the most obscure of animals (If that’s what you’re looking for, Carven’s deer print wool coat is a must have) but it’s how you wear it that really makes it stand out.



  1. In reply to your comment about my siesta post, I know exactly what you mean! I don’t know if children take part in the siesta, out of all of the children I’ve met here (quite a lot!) none of them do, but they tend to stay up until quite late from a young age as they don’t eat their evening meal until 9-10 so I guess they are used to staying up late. Maybe that’s why Spanish people are generally so crazy because the children are around the adults whilst they get drunk and party from such a young age!

    I’m not the biggest fan of animal print, when it’s done right I think it can look really cool, but when it’s done wrong aka Kat Slater style it makes me want to throw up haha xx

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