New season Liberty London

Are you lacking lust in your life? Currently feeling like your levels of affection have been drained from a deficiency in things that make your heart flutter? Now take a good look at the new season Liberty London accessories and tell me you still feel the same…

…see, you can’t. They’re just too ravishing.

Now, I love a Liberty print but I think I love one more when it’s a refreshing take on a classic. The Iphis print, which is spread luxuriously over wallets, passport holders, cosmetic and iphone cases is a vibrant reincarnation of the much-adored Ianthe print. There’s still a timeless quality to it (it wouldn’t be Liberty without one) but the pop of colour gives the print and products an eye-catching, modern touch that’s perfect for Fall.

The only problem is which Tote bag do we invest in? Each one seems the perfect finish to a refined and simple outfit of black and white…

Vero Moda; Next; Vegabond


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