Summer collections don’t always encapsulate the essence of the season but Sister by Sibling‘s sure has. The underlying emotion is printed boldly on a sunny top and paired with adorable polka dot hotpants. Garments are embellished with flowery detailing as though you’re a walking garden bringing peace to all passers by and knitwear is light and airy and paired with pretty pastels. Is there anything to dislike about it?

Throw on a cropped shirt and you have the perfect way to keep yourself casually cool. Dressed head to toe in the same colour/ print can be a bit overwhelming but not when it’s divided up with strip of tanned belly. See Topshop Unique for proof.

And the perfect accessory? A dog dressed in a matching coat to your’s has to be up there, especially if it’s a Mulberry one. Cat lovers may have been presented with their clothing dream during Markus Lupfer‘s presentation- An array of adorable cat faces covering t-shirts and, of course, the accompaniment of a furry friend for extra effect.

There would be something drastically wrong if Christopher Kane‘s collection did not stand out as one of my favourites. It’s always the case and it will probably continue to be, as long his creativity continues to flow. While florals are becoming a definite thing this fashion month, Christopher gave us his own take with cut outs based on ‘sterilized petals’ and just in case you were unsure about the presence of this, a sweater with the obviously stated ‘petal’ perhaps makes it clear.


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