A powerful red is pleasing always but more so when its passion is exploding over luxurious, classy clothing inspired by Sicily. But it isn’t just at Dolce & Gabbana where there’s the proof of how the colour continues to captivate because Trussadi‘s rouge leather shorts are pretty sexy too.

From sexy to genteel, Giorgio Armani has given shorts the formal treatment and whilst doing so has demonstrated they can be styled in a way that would look perfectly appropriate in a workplace. Si, come next summer and women should not have fear in replacing their pencil skirts with a pair of tailored shorts. It isn’t just a look for school boys.

Ahhh, I love it when leather goes soft on us. When it shows it can be delicate and pretty and there’s more hidden behind that tough, rebellious persona it always puts on. Versace‘s lilac offerings are a fine example but, without going to girly, has got the perfect balance between femininity and rock ‘n’ roll.

And the most desirable collection? Alberta Ferretti! lacy whites, floral applique, pleated skirts, vibrant gowns in succulent orange and lime…surely this is what summer is about.


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