playmobil, tea and a walk in the park

I will always favour summer but stepping outside when the ground is a carpet of leaves is a picture perfect sight. It’s as though I’m in a watercolour painting where the browns, reds and oranges having been merged together with a delicate wash. The cruching sounds, bonfires, walking across logs, the occasional squirrel darting past…it puzzles me how people can keep themselves cooped up inside and not embrace outdoor life.

My mum and I spent the afternoon in Reigate, Surrey, consuming lunch in the cutest cafe around: The Vintage Tea House. It was here that I was reunited with my true love, the chocolate flake tea. (And our slices of banana & chocolate and apple crumble cake were pretty scrumptious too)

I’m wearing a handmade headband and my LAF Playmobil ring which arrived today! I’ve never felt so much excitement towards an accessory and I’m not sure I ever will.

Francesca xo


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