chocolate by the sea

So the Sussex coast may not have the same effect as the Mediterranean but, the moment the sea is in sight as I’m walking down the streets of Brighton’s centre, I am still somewhat mesmerized. I look out at the endless spread of sea and, for that brief moment, my troubles are washed away with the waves. Today, as I visited the sea side town with my mum, the weather was slightly on the miserable side. The rain may have passed by the time we reached the pebbly shore but the sea was still very much aggravated and fired up, charging forward with the waves smacking into each other. If troubles could be washed away in the sea then today would have been perfect for getting rid of mine.

Beforehand we explored all the cute shops Brighton is renowned for but there was one question on our mind…

Where to go for a warming drink when it’s pouring it down with rain?

Answer: The Angel Food Bakery.

It was the lines of cupcakes that attracted our attention, naturally. I had the drink I had been craving for for what felt like an eternity- An indulgent mug of hot chocolate topped with a mountain of cream- plus half of two incredibly delicious cupcakes. There was no hesitating from neither my mum or I in terms of which flavours to choose (Although looking at the menu on their website now and I wish I had tried the carrot too…and the Devil’s Food with peanut butter frosting…heck, just give me them all!) and I can tell you, with a mouth drooling in remembrance, that the chocolate orange one is the tastiest thing ever. (The other was topped with coconut)

So there you have it; rainy days in Brighton can be fun. And tasty.

Francesca xo



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