Go sports, Sweaty Betty style

You know how it is. Winter arrives and the notion of exercising disappears like paper burning to nothingness when thrown on a blazing fire. It’s not early Spring so why should I work for my bikini body? This makes no sense. Surely exercising now is the best option. You can get your metabolism racing so you are kept warmer during cold evenings and calories will be more difficult to pile on during the Christmas season. You will have that ‘bikini’ body before your ‘bikini’ body needs to be seen. Bonus!

Perhaps it’s because you have you have  nothing to wear. Sports clothes are so unappealing. Well that’s where Sweaty Betty comes in. She’s always a friend when fitness is involved.

Jumpers and sweat tops are stylish and comfy with a slight hint of Stella McCartney AW12, jackets are colourful and practical and there’s a pair of running tights adorned in a galaxy print. If you are still concerned about not being warm enough, there’s a snug selection of hats too.  In the words of Leonard…


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