Happy Halloween

Black sky as dark as the devil’s deepest thoughts,
a moon glowing with an unattractive arrogance, his bold face glaring at all beneath him.

A young girl, her face scarred and blood-ridden, steps uncomfortably over tough gatherings of leaves which crackle like fiery sparks as she winces at the thought of somebody- something- noticing her.

But she’s already being watched by the gangs of trees that reach out their scraggly arms in an attempt to capture her.

She keeps on walking, the injuries on her face made more unbearable by the crisp air that scratches insensitively as she wonders on her way.

The girl longs for the comfort of a fire-lit cottage, her mother’s homemade pumpkin pie and a pool of unwrapped sweets ready to be gobbled down.

But then everybody longs for something.

She keeps on walking,
into the darkness that absorbs her like an uncontrollable black hole


Get-togethers  with Tasnim are always so much fun, especially when they involve photoshoots. This year, compared to last, we wanted to go one step further into the spirit of Halloween. Fake blood and scars staining our faces. Nice.

The cliches 

Whereas Tasnim’s outfit is pretty self-explanatory, mine’s more a medley of all things expected with Halloween. Devil (headband), spiders (braces), cobwebs and blood.  Homemade festive cupcakes were essential and eaten with great satisfaction.

Whatever you got up to, I hope you had a good time 🙂

Francesca xo


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