comfort food that lasts forever

All I want is a hug,
that warm embrace of love and affection,
I want to feel safe and snug

All I want is a hug that’s like the comfort of a camomile tea.
that’s like sitting with my feet up relaxing
and abandoning troubles to feel free

All I want is a hug like a smile that’s reassuring,
that’s as soothing as a bubble bath,
that’s heartfelt and securing

Do you ever have those moments where one thing goes wrong and then you just find a zillion things to get upset about? Last night and into today I’m having one of those moments yet that hug I need is out of reach. I guess there is one thing we could do in situations like this. We could buy an item of jewellery from Aussie brand Saturday Lollipop, all of which is handmade by the food-loving Ellie. A Christmas pudding (because Christmas is coming, everyone!!!), a jar of cookies, macarons around our necks will be comfort food that will never disappear. And then there’s Nutella and strawberry cupcake earrings too. Mmmm what more could we ask for?



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