Yummy Like Cake & Wish Upon A Smile take on London

Oh London with your pretty architecture, attractive landmarks and bustling atmosphere, it’s fun to pretend that you’re a stranger for the day, admire you from an outsider perspective whilst playing the role of tourist in my own city.

Yesterday, Tasnim came to visit me. Our trip began with sunny sky, impatient hug and excitable smiles. It ended with the glowing of the city in the dark, tired legs and excitable smiles. What to do if you only have six hours: walk as much as you can; it’s a great way to really soak in your surroundings.

It began with a walk past my neighbour, the London Eye, whilst on our way to see ol’ pal Big Ben who lovingly told us with that reassuring clock face of his that we had plenty of hours ahead of us.

Outfit: I’m wearing a winter headband, my own dress, Uniqlo duffle, vintage sunglasses and Burberry scarf.

So we walked to Covent Garden, doing the blogger cliche of lunch at Laduree. Rich hot chocolate, mini macarons and other sweet goodies all served with elegant tea cups and plates were as visually pleasing as they were tasty and, situated within Covent Garden’s charming square, we just couldn’t resist.

We then walked down many lively side streets until reaching Oxford Street where we wandered around some shops before battling our way through the crowds to head back to mine.

In conclusion, Yummy Like Cake + Wish Upon A Smile + London = FUN

Francesca xo


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