Go on, treat yourself

Everybody knows that Christmas is a time for giving and for making the most of those magical moments when a loved one opens the present you’ve brought them, a look of joy and gratitude on their face. But amongst the chaos of Christmas shopping, it wouldn’t harm to treat yourself either. After all, you deserve it after the amazing person you have been buying the best of presents for your friends and family. Let’s keep it festive though as you don’t want to come across too extravagant.

Walk as soft and peaceful as a kitten stepping sneakily through snow when you wear these glittery Charlotte Olympia  pumps.

Adorn your home in a traditional, fresh and handmade wreath like this one from The Flower Studio.

A cup of tea that tastes like Christmas? It’s by Teapigs and therefore definitely worth purchasing.

Does anybody else feel that there’s more festive jumpers around this year than ever before? Walk in to many of the most popular high street stores and you’ll see the same old, cheesy jumpers that are tempting but, let’s be honest, not very exciting. Well, Brat and Suzie have got the right idea. Everybody loves pugs. Everybody is bound to love a pug with reindeer antlers on so let’s buy a sweater that has exactly this on the front.

Make stepping in from the cold even more satisfying with a winter-smelling pot pourri from The White Company, packed with the scent of spices and fruit, and make putting on your sleepwear after a bath or shower even more sweet with shimmering ginger body butter from The Body Shop.

Finally, encourage your phone to get into the spirit as well with a cute phone case like the many available from Bless Case, specialists in holiday themed Iphone cases.


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