gingerbread men and flowers

Gingerbread pendant: The Bead Gallery, Headband: Handmade, Tea: Teapigs’ Winter Spice

~The countdown to Christmas: Chapter two~

Coat fastened up to her chin, scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, and hat pulled firmly over her head, she gripped on to her mother’s hand and strode through the city. She allowed the warmth to run from her mother’s heart to her fingers, defending herself from the chilly winter air that lingered angrily like the tetchy yellow cab drivers stuck amongst the busy traffic. She breathed in that smell of Christmas approaching and gazed wide eyed around her at the towering buildings decorated in festive lights and decorations. She allowed her eyes to absorb the magic of the Times Square tree that stood proud and glowing. Glowing like a holy angel looking down on passers by, sending them her good aura. The girl’s footsteps turned into an excitable hurry as she approached the unavoidable doors of her favourite toy shop. “I’m in Heaven” she thought when pausing once inside. “I wonder which of these toys Father Christmas will be bringing me this year…”

Just a few photographs showing off some of my favourite things at the moment. This necklace is worn daily, the headband is perfect for spreading festive cheer and the tea is just delicious- More so when drunk next to the fire before bedtime.



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