orange hot chocolate

This was today’s brunch: crumpets (one topped with melted advent calender chocolate; one topped with butter) and hot chocolate. Some would call this naughty; I call this delicious and the most pleasing way to start off the week. The hot chocolate is Charbonnel et Walker and, whilst the milk was heating on the hob, I added orange zest to give the chocolate an overall  slight orangey tang. Once in my favourite mug, I gave it a light covering of cinnamon for extra festive flavour.

Speaking of festive (when am I not?), Yummy Like Cake now has a Tumblr site for all things inspiring and currently filling the page is Scandinavian Christmas interior. I love how the Scandinavians do Christmas. Spreads of tranquil whites  simply decorated in an illuminating charm. It has the same peacefulness of wondering through fresh snow spread fields but with the same warmth as curling up in your most comfortable sweater with a bowl of homemade soup.



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