What I love most about Christmas is how magical it is. While the build up is special, Christmas day itself is always one of treasured tradition brimming with happiness, like the typical fairy tale ending where everybody lives happily ever after in their own utopian world.

This year, like any other year, was planned out the same for my family and I.

We began the day sat together on our living room carpet taking it in turns to unwrap presents, each one opened slowly in order to fully appreciate the gifts. This was followed by breakfast of crumpets topped with salmon (avocado for me) and scrambled egg. There was watching Top Of The Pops and The Queen while eating nibbles and a stroll through the village and over the hills while the sun began to set. Of course, there was also plenty of TV watching come evening and a delicious dinner which for myself included homemade nutroast, brussel sprouts with orange, cranberries and walnuts, and roasted parsnips. Christmas pudding and cream was for dessert, naturally.

Nutroasts aren’t boring. I made a festive edition using my mum’s homemade bread (containing cranberries, sultanas, mixed spice and cinnamon), nuts, lots of dried fruit and more cranberries, topped with rosemary and goji berries.

Whatever you got up to, I hope it was lovely!
Francesca xo


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