ski chalet chic

Bunting: Handmade// lights: Lights4fun // Cushion: John Lewis // Placemat: Handmade

Here’s the thing. Not only do I hate my current university course but I hate where I live too. Ok, so the location may be amazing (central London!) but university accommodation…this university accommodation…it’s difficult to adjust to. I never realised this before but I’m such a home person. I love walking into  warm living spaces with welcoming scents, cosy seating, a fireplace, curtains, and pictures on the walls. I love being able to step into a CLEAN kitchen and actually want to prepare tasty food and then sit and eat it around a dinner table. But there’s some things I just have to get used to and I guess this is one of them.

It’s a new year, a newish start, and I wanted to try and limit the complaining and do something about it. So I’ve given my room a little makeover, inspired by luxury ski chalets as they look the epitome of cosy-living- The way you can step into them, after a day hurtling down the slopes, and feel like you’re being given a snuggly hug away from the outside cold.

I kept to a theme of golds and yellows and white with bunting which I placed on my window sill alongside battery candles, a white wooly cushion resembling snow, and a placemat which I designed myself taking inspiration from the chalet architecture and decor.

Francesca xo


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