Moncler M by Mary Katrantzou

Imagine the weather is cold (although you probably don’t need to imagine that), snowy and the air is icy and sinister. Deciding what to wear can be a bit of a predicament. A thick white fur coat may have a suitable appearance as you walk down the street like a perfectly formed snowman but it’s not too practical when slipping over and landing in a heap of slush. A ski jacket is surely the most practical, made both for keeping warm, dry and protected against the snow but it’s most likely not the most sartorially pleasing to your taste.

Have no fear, Mary Katranztou for Moncler M is here. Ok, so it may have been here a while (last year) but it’s only now, while people (North Americans in particular) are having to battle the wintry weather or families are scheduling their yearly skiing holiday, that we can appreciate it even more.
Moncler’s sporty technical knowledge combined with Kantrantzou’s artistic flair equals a wondrous collection of practicality and pretty prints (of which are inspired by classic sports cars and gypsy caravans)

Buy your coat from the Farfetch sale now and look incredibly stylish this winter while all those around you, frankly, look a soggy mess.



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