Slate Coffee

A coffee place like Slate at 96 Curtain Road couldn’t be more perfect for any other location than Shoreditch. It’s quirky and creative, totally hipster.  I imagine it’s not a cafe you’d go to for tea and cake with your gran or maybe even your mother as stepping inside is like entering your school tech room- work benches for tables and classic wooden stools, complete with pen doodles, used as seats. There’s a giant black board behind the counter with the menu written on and Alt J are blaring through the speakers. You know, like when lunch time was drawing to an end and music- music that’s so in and current would be playing from the ‘cool’ kids’ phones.

But the hot chocolate is deliciously homely. Light and comforting and brought to you while you sit and wait just like your mother would do once she’s made it with love on the hob. It’s just the drink that’s needed for curing the Monday blues, or when feeling under the weather, or just wanting something soothing and delightful.


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