The Rain boot.

There’s splashes of youthfulness in jumping in puddles. Each spark of water that gets sent above the ground when the action takes place is like a small part of your maturity being smacked away and, when it returns only to get you soaked seconds later, it’s its way of teaching you a lesson. But what lesson? That we need to grow up? Blah blah blah.

As a woman, walking the streets in heels, puddle splashing becomes a thing of the past. It’s highly impractical; A recipe for destroying your £800 Louboutins. You could wear wellies but, despite how amazing a boot they are, you probably doubt the way they look with your outfit. Especially if off on a lunch date or some fashionable event that requires you to make an attractive impression.

So thank you, Miuccia Prada. Thank you for the Miu Miu rain boots- the ones with heels and the ones without. They are colourful and plastic, totally practical for jumping in puddles and are best worn with fun, preppy, sporty clothing as shown at Paris Fashion Week.



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