Hello, Spring!

The other day marked the official first day of Spring which means flourishes of calming pink painted against a warming blue sky, a rainbow of optimistic flowers lining gardens and dancing cheerfully in a non-threatening breeze; Streams of sunny daffodils flowing down the side of paths and fresh faced, inquisitive lambs wondering around fields of flawless green like clouds in a pristine sky. As for us, we prance in pastels through these dreamy surroundings, eating the first of many ice creams and listening to the birds’ joyful songs…

Or so we like to imagine but British weather doesn’t tend to follow stereotypes. Instead it chooses to supply us with cruel wind and depressing rain (Around Yummy Like Cake’s current HQ anyway). So unkind. So very unkind.

But it’s not all bad. With Insou Jewelry‘s realistically handmade flower jewellery, we can embrace the true essence of Spring wherever we are.

As Souzan and Iness (the force behind Insou) have captured the season so beautifully, I (Francesca) caught up with Souzan to discover her pretty perfect thoughts of the moment.

Head to www.insoujewelry.etsy.com for more bead and polymer clay goodness all the way from Athens 🙂


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