all gobbled up

It’s finally here and proving quite popular too. So what is it about Kate Moss for Topshop that makes it so instantly wanted in people’s lives? Is it the flowing fringing and loose-fitted smock dresses and blouses that are so easily wearable and dreamy in their structure? Is it that the collection’s made up of bohemian pieces that belong in the outside world, exploring fields and dancing to music during the festival season? Is it the everyday basics like shorts and cami tops that one can’t go wrong with? Is it the flattering 1920s- style dresses that can be effortlessly slipped on for a glamorous night out? Or is it just simply because it’s Kate Moss and these collections, if at all, don’t come around often? As much as the whole collection is a delight, let’s go with the latter. After all, Kate designed these clothes with her own style in mind so by wearing them ourselves we can feel as though a part of us is as cool as the undisputed queen of London.

Shop Kate Moss for Topshop at Topshop and (what’s left) at Net-a-Porter and, if you have an excessive amount of money, probably Ebay very soon.


One comment

  1. Kate Moss is just a godess, I saw your pic on instagram trying on some of her range, I don’t have a topshop close enough to me (nearest is in my local city 45 mins away) so I’ll just have to admire from my computer!

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