like ice cream and ice lollies and all things summery

You want to go to the beach but its location is out of reach. Sigh. How great it would be to be in walking distance of the sea so you could dip in and out whenever you please and let your bare feet sink pleasantly into the sand. You’d sit down and gaze into the ocean while snacking on something cold and indulgent, a collection of shells by your side to take home as a memento.  Oh why oh why can this not be?

Don’t worry. With Les néréides‘ ice cream and lolly jewellery and Tatty Devine‘s shell-adorned necklaces and earrings, it’s as though the beach is with you whether you are, whatever your doing. Cold and rainy, windy and miserable? Whatever. It’s always summer where these collections are involved.


One comment

  1. I love the shell jewls! I have a thing about shells, I used to collect them when I was younger, and I still get excited if I see a pretty shell on my local beach, I don’t know why I didn’t think about putting them around my neck/wrists!

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