Afternoon snacking

Friendship bracelets are the ultimate summer accessory. Pile them high upon your wrist and let the group of brightly coloured creations joyfully entertain one another, their optimism brightening up your outfit and maybe your day. Each one is unique in its own way: Its pattern, where it was made, who made it, where it was brought, where it was swapped…

For Carolina Bucci, the charm of friendship bracelets comes from the latter as her and her friends would exchange the cotton strips while spending time at the beach.

Thus many years later, when a grown woman living and working amongst expensive jewels and an innovative mindset, she forms the ‘Lucky’ collection, capturing the spirit of childhood within the sophisticated world of fine jewellery. Made from 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold, braided with fine silks and finished off with a small charm attachment, these bracelets are ideal for only those you love the most. And yourself, of course.


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