MENSWEAR: What’s on the menu for SS15?

image (top right):



like the juiciest of blueberries


‘Double denim’ in the juiciest of indigo blues, stitched together in patchwork form. Tailored and cute (the jacket and shorts combination make for perfect vacation attire) but rugged and nonchalant with its frayed edges as though not wanting to be taken too seriously. Yes, laid back. Laid back and easily worn just like the rest of the 2015 Resort collection. Angela Missoni is taking us to the Caribbean with the loose-fitted cami tops, relaxed dresses,  mishmash of prints and a pallet of Jamaican colours merged into Missoni stripes. Why wait until 2015? It’s like we are already there.

like having to choose one cupcake when they all look so good

If  Chanel is the teenager and the school bag is obviously the child then Liberty’s Kingly backpack is the grown up. It’s neat and presentable, sophisticated with many years of history behind it. (the print, Iphis, is a modern rework of the classic Ianthe).  It has a timeless but fun quality, like with the Marlborough tote, except this is for fulfilling those backpack-adoring needs not just for the summer but for ever and ever and ever. There is only one dilemma: Which one do you choose?

Afternoon snack


They are elaborate and elegant, creating the appearance of a vine of flowers strung admiringly along a somewhat plain wall, and they are expansive and blossoming, as though reaching out to soak up as much of the new season as possible. But they are also refined, found in luxurious silvers and incorporated with white and black diamonds, moonstone and bunches of prettiness. They are more than just a hand chain bracelet; They are hand installations by Colette Steckel and they are fit for a princess